Bandhiga Media is a 21st century multimedia news brand based in Mogadishu. An essential destination for reporting on the people, places and issues that matter globally. Bandhiga captures the events that shape our lives through exceptional reporting, writing and photography. Bandhiga Media stands apart for its commitment to truth and accuracy, for the quality of its press, and for its insistence on exciting and moving every reader. Our Web site, features up-to-the-minute reporting and commentary by your favorite Bandhiga writers. You can also watch our videos, listen to our podcasts and explore our interactive features.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide Somalia’s best quality, most innovative and most trusted news and current affairs content across a broad range of platforms to create a space for intelligent and informed conversation around content created “with you in mind”.  Bandhiga Media also aims to be the most influential news website in Somalia, renowned for its in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, poetry, and humor.

Vision Statement

“To be the leading Media Company offering high quality service, connecting and promoting Somalia to the world with its identity, culture and values.

Our Values

Bandhiga Media’s shared values guide our employees’ actions and decision-making both at the parent company and in the business units. Any separate values that may be defined for business units are complementary to the values of the Incorporation. 
·      Freedom and pluralism of journalism
·      Team play
·      Courage
·      Responsibility
·      Credibility
·      Accuracy
·      Idealism