Rwanda sets pace in Clean Public Transport System

Rwanda sets pace in Clean Public Transport System

Rwanda will unveil shared fully electric Motorcycle this week as part of broader efforts toward smart cities and a clean energy-oriented transport arrangement.

Safi Ltd, a local start-up is a company behind the technology for shared electric bicycles and motorcycles, says it aims to increase the options for public transport and promote the use of bikes.

The bikes will be rolled out in Kigali, Huye, Rubavu, and Musanze. The Bikes will be positioned in newly constructed stations around the city. The operators of the bikes will also receive intensive training.

Bicycles will be fitted with smart locks on the tires with commuters required to download a mobile application which they will use to unlock the bicycles from charging docks across the city.

Those without smartphones will use smart-cards issued by the company to access the bicycles.

To make payments, customers will use options such as mobile money as well as bank transfers while card users will rely on agents to load their cards.

The prices are yet to be set up and will be determined by Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authorities (RURA) and will be communicated during the official launch.

The firm, Safi Ltd has invested around $13 million in the technology and plans to roll out at least 3,000 electronic bicycles, 2,500 smart bikes, and 1,500 electronic scooters.

It is in the process of setting up about 1000 charging and parking,  docks across Kigali city and in three other towns in the country.

Source: The New Times Rwanda