German Startups seeks to tap into the East Africa Energy Mark

German Startups seeks to tap into the East Africa Energy Market

The German Energy Solutions Initiative by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which supports German SMEs to tap into foreign markets by facilitating business partnerships and know-how exchange is now focusing on developing and emerging energy markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It supports East African companies in developing their renewable energy projects. This includes i.e project assessment and advice on suitable technological solutions as well as establishing contact with German companies that can provide those.

The Initiative also offers fact-finding missions to Germany for African company representatives and decision-makers. The aim is to enable them to gather first-hand information on energy solutions by visiting reference projects and demonstration sides.

Further, the initiative supports SMEs in realizing reference projects designed to showcase energy solutions made in Germany, as well as enabling them to exhibit at international trade fairs such as the Future Energy East Africa which will be held in Kenya from 17th-18th September 2019.

A delegation of German companies will present their products and services to the Kenyan audience.  Additionally, German companies will have the opportunity to inform themselves about the Kenyan market and opportunities in the field of energy efficiency in an industrial context.

At least six German companies will be showcasing solar home systems, including storage solutions, project developer in wind, solar and biogas, manufacturer of water turbines, a constructor of agricultural and co-fermentation plants, and a provider of digital measurement systems.

The East African market is growing and attractive market for German suppliers of energy solutions. The German Energy Solutions Initiative has therefore been focusing on the East African market for years. Over the past few years, the importance of the market has been increasing. More and more German companies are establishing offices in Kenya.

Even though the energy markets are still at an early stage in some of the African countries, there is enormous potential for renewable energy, as well as the possibility to establish a sustainable energy system. This is especially the case in countries where access to energy is lacking.

German companies have gained a great deal of experience and know-how in this area over the years and are capable of providing provide the necessary technologies and expertise. The African markets have been gaining more and more importance within the German Energy Solutions Initiative over the past years.

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